QFT Player: Power in the Blood

BBFC RatingQFT Player: Power in the Blood

CertificateNot Rated
DirectorJohn T. Davis
Running Time1HR 17MINS
SeasonQFT Player

Available to watch for free on QFT PlayerPower in the Blood documents country gospel singer and preacher Vernon Oxford’s journey from his home in Franklin, Tennessee to Belfast on a mission to bring the healing power of Jesus back to Northern Ireland.

John T. Davis follows Vernon into drinking dens, mission halls and the Prison Officers social club at the Maze Prison, where he speaks to the experience of many people, but particularly the Protestant working class people of faith. Power in the Blood draws parallels between their religious beliefs and practices and those found in the American South, at the same time observing them with candour and sympathy.

John T. Davis is internationally recognised as Northern Ireland’s most distinctive documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. QFT hosted a full retrospective of John's work back in 2017. We are delighted to be able to host a selection of John's classic films on QFT Player.

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