QFT Player: Cocoon

BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmQFT Player: Cocoon

Showing: 11 December 2020 until 11 December 2021

GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorLeonie Krippendorff
WritersLeonie Krippendorff
Running Time1HR 35MINS
Extra InfoSubtitled
SeasonQFT Player

A German teenager experiences a summer awakening in the coming-out drama Cocoon. Available to rent on QFT Player.

In the heat of a shimmering Berlin summer, 14-year-old Nora spends her days as a third wheel to her older sister Jule and her best friend Aylin. They think and talk only of boys and how to keep thin, whilst wandering the vibrant city streets taking selfies.

One day at school, Nora gets her period for the first time in front of the class - something her sister considers to be a public embarrassment. When older student Romy rushes to Nora's rescue, a friendship blossoms and Nora quickly falls in love for the first time. But as the hottest summer on record comes to a close, things will never be the same for Nora.

Cocoon shows the young body as fragile, thrust into the world with its possibilities and dangers. Leonie Krippendorff's debut is a time capsule, and a perfect, tender story of first love and the queer ways in which we open up the world for each other.

“Every moment is raw and full of chemistry” - DIVA Magazine

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