QFT Player: Trouble

BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmQFT Player: Trouble

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CertificateNot Rated
DirectorMariah Garnett
CountryUSA, UK
Running Time1HR 22MINS
SeasonMain Programme

QFT, in partnership with Outburst Queer Arts Festival, present Los Angeles-based artist Mariah Garnett's remarkable debut film.

Mariah Garnett’s intimate and inventive biographical portrait of her artist father recounts in his own words his past as a political activist in Belfast and his daughter’s unlikely influence on his life. Watch it on QFT Player here.

Trouble begins in Vienna, with the filmmaker meeting her father, David, whom she hasn’t seen since she was two years old. Eventually, he begins to tell her about his childhood, and where he came from – Belfast, Northern Ireland. She surprises him by showing him a 1971 BBC documentary about his interfaith relationship with a Catholic girl as a 19-year-old. They are cast as star-crossed lovers lost in a senseless conflict. He points out inaccuracies in that portrayal, and even flat-out lies, which, he explains, led to threats from both sides and his eventual flight from his home. After it aired, he cut all ties with friends and family and has never returned. The film then travels to Northern Ireland and segues into an impossible reconstruction of David’s early years in Belfast.

Through a combination of letters, interviews, archival footage, and uncanny reenactments of the period (featuring Garnett herself in the role of her father), this slyly self-reflexive yet deeply felt film provides a fragmented account of a teenager struggling to find an identity in a rapidly deteriorating society, and the parallel struggle of a filmmaker attempting to connect with her estranged father.

We are delighted to present this run of Trouble following its sold out screening as part of Outburst back in November. Available to watch here until Thurs 11 June.

Mariah Garnett is offering QFT Player customers a discount code for Trouble: The Book, a limited edition (200) publication that accompanies the film. Texts by Eoin Dara and William J. Simmons. Customers will be emailed a code to purchase the book for $11 (normally $20). Flat rate shipping to the UK is $12 (shipping rates elsewhere in the world will vary). Limited stock available.