BBFC RatingQFT50 Talk: Seeing in the Dark

QFT50 Talk: Seeing in the Dark
CertificateNot Rated
SeasonQFT50 Programme

Yes, the hardware does matter! Projectors used to be a source of spectacle and fascination, from the days of the Phantasmagoria and the mighty Triurnial to the carbon-arc machines of the early 20th century. Now they're digital DLPs. So does it matter what's happening behind your head?

Ian Christie is a Magic Lantern enthusiast who also used to campaign for digital when arthouse cinemas opposed it. Tonight he considers the neglected history of projection in dark spaces (with the help of Powerpoint).

Ian Christie is a film and media historian, best known for his work on Russian cinema, Powell and Pressburger, and Scorsese. A QUB graduate from the days before QFT opened, a past-president of Europa Cinemas, and currently teaches at Birkbeck and Gresham colleges in London.


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