Sharkwater Extinction

BBFC RatingSharkwater Extinction

Sharkwater Extinction
DirectorRob Stewart
Running Time1HR 25MINS
SeasonMain Programme

An eye-opening, epic new feature documentary from Rob Stewart, the award winning director of Sharkwater and Revolution takes us on one man’s mission: to protect sharks from extinction and save the oceans before it’s too late.

More than 150 million sharks are being killed every year. The oceans are in danger. Sharks play a hugely important role to the environment. Who is the real enemy: shark or human?

Sharkwater Extinction follows Rob Stewart on a hugely inspirational, thrilling but hazardous journey - from the seas of West Africa to Spain via Panama, Costa Rica, France, and even North America - as he dives deep into oceans to investigate the eye-watering scale of corruption, destruction and danger that the multi-billion-dollar pirate fishing industry and vast illegal shark fin trade bring.

Rob Stewart’s parents Brian and Sandy Stewart dedicated themselves to completing the film in their son's honour, following his tragic death in the final stages of shooting. The result is an action-packed story that has garnered critical acclaim, earned multiple international awards and stands as a tribute to Stewart's legacy.