BBFC RatingDocs Ireland: Shorts Competition 4

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CertificateNot Rated
GenreDocumentary, Short Film
Running Time1HR 35MINS
Extra InfoRecommended Age: 18
SeasonDocs Ireland

A selection of short documentaries screened as part of the Docs Ireland Short Documentary Film competition.


The Saluki is a sighthound, one of the world’s oldest dog breeds and the perfect guide to lead this monochromatic tribute to pedigree, cosmology, history and dynasty. El Hor takes the viewer on a strange trip through the ancient past and alien future, into life and death itself, where human and beast share an afterlife—a tomb that looks like a womb. Guiding us in love, preparing us in death and transforming us in life.

Duration: 13 mins Director: Dianne Lucille Campbell


A brief dive into the childhood memories of various adults, with each audio testimony corresponding to a child actor to create visual metaphor. Childhood compares happy nostalgia of the past to painful memories of abuse and neglect.

Duration: 6 mins Director: Peter Young


A short film shot over a year on Whiddy Island, West Cork. The film covers the remarkable era on the island when the international oil industry used the island as a distribution hub until an explosion on board a French tanker in 1979 killed 50 people and led to the closure of the terminal. Weaving 16mm footage of the modern landscape into these archival sources the film explores memory and land, the economics of utility and the transience of human experience.

Duration: 20 mins Director: Tadgh O’Sullivan


A dancer reflects on a career cut short by injury. Coda draws on the cinematic writings of Hugo Munsterberg and Gilles Deleuze in its representation of the protagonists subjectivity. Coda explores the themes of Perception, Movement & Memory.

Duration: 4 mins Director: Tommy O’Donoghue


Not all walls are barriers. When Walpole Bay Tidal Pool was built in 1937, Margate was one of the grandest resort towns in England, but over the years there has been many changes to how this vast sea pool is enjoyed. In this short, meditative film, filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson and writer Anna Hart explore the magical healing nature of the sea, and the value of a true community pool in turbulent times.

Duration: 18 mins Director: Kathryn Ferguson


In the otherwise tranquil Dublin neighbourhood of Stoneybatter, one local quirk has divided neighbours. The Pigeons. This short documentary looks at the local pigeon population, while we hear some impassioned opinions from some of the neighbourhoods residents.

Duration: 8 mins Director: Paddy Cahill


The self declared ‘king of the ice-cream men’, Pinky, works in the community where he lives. Through Pinky’s one liners, observational footage and animation, our film unearths unsung toils and troubles associated with this unconventional, yet humble profession.

Duration: 13 mins Director: Ross Killeen


This film is centred on the self-imposed life mission of Alex Scade. It is a film that touches on subjects of spirituality, self- reflection, and selflessness. It is also a story of ageing, solitude, and the struggles inherent in living an unconventional life in the modern world.

Duration: 11 mins Director: Sarah Ingersoll