Cineseekers: The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

BBFC RatingCineseekers: The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

Cineseekers: The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales
CertificateNot Rated
GenreAnimation, Adventure, Comedy
DirectorBenjamin Renner & Patrick Imbert
Running Time1HR 19MINS
Extra InfoSubtitled
SeasonMain Programme

From filmmaker, animator, and cartoonist Benjamin Renner (Ernest & Celestine), comes the delightfully hilarious The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales.

Adapted from Renner's own comics, the film is set up as a play with three acts chronicling different animal characters and tales. Renner, working with animator and co-director Patrick Imbert's beautifully hand-drawn 2D animation style sends these distinctly cartoonish caricatures on laugh-out-loud adventures that are action-packed from start to finish. The stable of animal stars are the heroes of each tale, and their heartwarming antics will have audiences cheering well after the curtain goes down.

Age: 6+


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