The Breadwinner

BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmThe Breadwinner

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GenreAnimation, Drama, Family
DirectorNora Twomey
Running Time1HR 33MINS
SeasonMain Programme

One girl’s struggle in Taliban-controlled Kabul is the subject of this animated tour de force from Cartoon Saloon (Song of the Sea) and executive produced by Angelina Jolie.

When 11-year-old Parvana’s father is taken by the Taliban, she and her family find life difficult without a man in the house. Women are forbidden from going anywhere unaccompanied, which means access to food or even trying to enquire about their father’s whereabouts is impossible. If they are to survive, drastic action must be taken. That’s when Parvana cuts her hair and passes herself off as a boy. It’s a cruel environment, but as a boy she has complete freedom in this war-torn city. The sole breadwinner she might be, but Parvana’s actions place her in terrible danger.

Respectful and celebratory in its depiction of Afghan history and culture, this is an exceptional film that depicts a family determined to stay together at all costs. The Breadwinner is an important work, beautifully made by Nora Twomey and while there are difficult moments, this is ultimately an uplifting, inspiring film that offers hope and desire for a world where all women’s voices will be heard.

“Jewel-bright and heart-wrenching.” – SHERI LINDEN, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER


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