QFT Player x Cinemagic: Under the Sea

BBFC RatingQFT Player x Cinemagic: Under the Sea

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CertificateNot Rated
Running Time0HR 40MINS
Extra InfoRec: 5+

Join us for this gentle and accessible programme of sea themed short films ideal for young children with learning disabilities. Free to watch on QFT Player from Fri 2 to Fri 16 Oct.

This programme is brought to you by Carousel and is screening as part of the Cinemagic Film Festival 2020. This programme was originally produced for the Oska Bright Film Festival. 

UNDERSEA ADVENTURE (Shadowlight Artists, UK) - The Shadowlight artists’ associates seeking lost treasure travel to the bottom of the Ocean in a submarine. Here they meet all sorts of sea creatures. 

EBB AND FLOW (Beacon Film, UK) - A film using the theme “Ultramarine” as its starting point, this piece was created as a looping presentation about the highs and lows of human emotion. 

HEARTBREAK AND BEAUTY (Bus Stop Films, UK) - Combining music, visual metaphor, dance and original poetry to express how we are all connected through our shared human experiences of love and loss. 

NICK THE FISH (Figment Arts & Clarendon School, UK) - Nick says goodbye to his Dad and heads out the door for the day. His world is turned upside down when he is caught by the fisherman. 

THE SEA REMINDS ME (Ray Jacobs, UK) - Mark can’t come to terms with his father’s death. He is truly all at sea. Mark’s yearning for real touch and connection leads him to a Welsh seaside town. 

BALLOONS AHOY (Matthew Eggert, UK) - This film is about the harm plastic can do without us realising, or meaning to hurt anyone. One balloon can be enough! 

This programme is part of Altogether Now!, an inclusive and accessible film strand exploring themes of disability, difference, belonging and inclusion. Find out more about Cinemagic's virtual 2020 festival here: https://cinemagic.org.uk/

Watch Under the Sea On QFT Player From Fri 2 To Fri 16 Oct.