QFT Late: V for Vendetta

BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmQFT Late: V for Vendetta

QFT Late: V for Vendetta
GenreAction, Drama, Sci-Fi
DirectorJames McTeigue
CountryUSA, UK, Germany
Running Time2HR 13MINS
SeasonQFT Late - Cult & Classic

Near-future Britain. A totalitarian government has taken control and imposed fascist rule under its all-powerful leader. In the shadows, a masked vigilante, known simply as V, plots a rebellion. Yet, despite his ambition, he can’t do it alone.

However, when V (Hugo Weaving) saves Evey (Natalie Portman) from the Fingermen – a gang of secret police backed by the ruling Norsefire Party – he discovers an unlikely ally. Hearing the charismatic freedom fighter’s plans to incite an uprising against the government on Guy Fawkes Night, Evey offers to help. On their tail is Eric Finch (Stephen Rea), a New Scotland Yard detective determined to stop V and uncover the truth about the enigmatic figure. 

December’s QFT Late: Cult & Classic, V for Vendetta is controversial and subversive, imagining a world where fear-mongering and media manipulation have led to a chaotic society governed by a tyrannical regime. With its unpredictable, rage-against-the-machine attitude, it is the perfect film to end 2019. 


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