Vincent and the End of the World

BBFC RatingVincent and the End of the World

Showing: 21 October 2017

Vincent and the End of the World
CertificateNot Rated
DirectorChristophe Van Rompaey
LanguageFrench & Dutch with English subtitles
CountryFrance, Belgium
Running Time2HR 1MINS
Extra InfoSubtitled

Vincent is a 17-year old ecologist who drives his family crazy with his attempts to reduce their carbon footprint. Convinced that the boy‘s obsession is related to his suffocating mother, Vincent‘s giddy aunt Nikki takes him on a trip to France. But on the way, Vincent proves to be much more than Nikki can handle. Vincent and the End of the World is a truly original black comedy that doesn’t shy away from tackling serious issues.

Age: 18+