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DirectorGaspar Noé
WritersGaspar Noé
LanguageFrench, English
CountryFrance, Belgium, Monaco
Running Time2HR 22MINS
SeasonMain Programme

Those accustomed to the boundary-pushing cinema of Gaspar Noé may take his latest film as his biggest shocker of all.

A retired psychiatrist with dementia and a struggling author with a heart condition live their final days together in an apartment.

Finding new depths of tenderness without forgoing the uncompromising fatalism that defines his work, Noé guides us through a handful of dark days in the lives of an elderly couple in Paris: a retired psychiatrist (Françoise Lebrun) and a writer (Dario Argento) working on a book about the intersection of cinema and dreams.

Using a split-screen effect, Noé follows them around their cramped apartment, piled high with a lifetime of books and mementos, with two cameras—a bold aesthetic choice that both unites and isolates them. Noé leads the viewer into another downward spiral, but led by the astonishing performances of Lebrun, Argento, and Alex Lutz as their troubled grown son, he has created his most fragile and humane film yet.

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