Walled Cities 5: ‘buildingPEACE’ Exhibition

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BBFC RatingWalled Cities 5: ‘buildingPEACE’ Exhibition

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Extra InfoExhibition in the QFT foyer
SeasonWalled Cities 5

QFT and the School of Natural and Built Environment at Queen's present the ‘buildingPEACE’ Exhibition of the Cinematic Architecture Studio. The exhibition will run from 17-30 May in the QFT foyer.

This project, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, is led by Dr. Gul Kacmaz Erk, as part of CACity Presents: Walled Cities 5.

CineArch is the design studio of the MSc Advanced Architectural Design course and DfE-funded PgCert Cinematic Architecture programme at Queen's University Belfast. Incorporating new media technologies and film analysis methods to their design processes, AAD students have designed a Peace Museum for a shared future while CA students have designed a peace park for exhibitions, or a film set related to the Troubles, between September and December 2022, all on a site on Bruce Street in Belfast.

As part of this design studio, students have visually analysed notable films (The Grant Budapest Hotel, Parasite, Spirited Away) and made animations/short films to inform their design. Working with QUB Software Engineering students tutored by Dr Maria Angela Ferrario and Ms Moira Watson, they have developed VR and AR Apps for an interactive and immersive virtual tour of their design proposals to be experienced with a headset, smart phone and computer. The exhibition includes these student films and Apps as well as scale drawings, physical models, and renders.

The exhibition in the QFT foyer opens on the evening of 17 May with a speech by Prof Roger Woods, Dean of Research, EPS, following the first Walled Cities film: Belfast Girls.

This event also includes the launch of a scholarly book, Reframing Berlin: Architecture, Memory-Making and Film Locations (2023) by Dr Gul Kacmaz Erk of Queen’s University Belfast and Dr Christopher Wilson of Ringling College of Art + Design, Florida. Using film locations as an archive, the authors explore how architecture can reveal the memory of a city, an urban memory, through its transformation and consistency over time by means of 'urban strategies'.

CineArch Design Tutors
Gul Kacmaz Erk, QUB Architecture
Pat Wheeler, ALW Architects
Ece Sila Bora, Marie Curie Researcher 
MSc Advanced Architectural Design Students
Dhanish Ahmed
Aditi Benke 
Ashvin Elango
Shivani Ajay Gite
Alexandra Judd
Geethu Mohandas 
Syed Muhammad Haisum Naqvi
Alice Poole  
Diviya Kaarthick Ravichandran
Ashish Kunnel Salimon 
PgCert Cinematic Architecture Students
Dearbhla Brady
Amy Cross
Katie Faulkner
Niamh McKegney
Madi Whiteside
Software Engineering Students
Ciaran Farrell
James Orr
Myles Scullion
Kaja Traczykowska

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