QFT Player x Cinemagic: Young Filmmaker Shortlist (Fantastic)

BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmQFT Player x Cinemagic: Young Filmmaker Shortlist (Fantastic)

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Extra Info15+

Join us online for a celebratory showcase of young filmmaking talent at our 2020 Young Filmmaker shortlist screenings. All films are made by the next generation of filmmakers from or living in the UK and Ireland. Free to watch on QFT Player from Fri 16 Oct to Sun 1 Nov.

PROGRAMME 1 - films by Samuel Ash, Daniel Kehelly, Oscar Cremmen, Michael Gormley, Tahkeishon Smith, Calum Young, Jack Sharkey, Qi Lin, Evan Pedley, Xach Hill, Henri Trigo, Leif Clayton, George Lolov, Max E Fisher, James Bendkowski. Total duration: 62 mins / Age: 15+ 

PROGRAMME 2 - films by Samuel Marrow, Ingo Lyle-Goodwin, Matej Stepan, Ailish Dynan, Sean O’Rourke, Sumayyah Bailey, Max Roach, Hayley Beattie, Carmelo Viviani. Total duration: 68 mins / Age: 15+ 

PROGRAMME 3 - films by Florence Kosky, Anthony Bain, Kai-Yan Lai, Jake Kettyles, Tanith MacLynn-Hill, Edward Murden, Jake Bentley, Elliot Gaynon, Molly Hoque. Total duration: 72 mins / Age: 15+ 

These programmes are part of the Cinemagic Young Filmmaker Shortlist collection on QFT Player. Find out more about Cinemagic's virtual 2020 festival here: https://cinemagic.org.uk/ 

Watch on QFT Player from Fri 16 Oct to Sun 1 Nov.