NISF '21 X QFT Player: Plastic Cup: The Official Story of The Plastic Pirates

BBFC RatingNISF '21 X QFT Player: Plastic Cup: The Official Story of The Plastic Pirates

CertificateNot Rated
DirectorAttila David Molnar
LanguageHungarian, English
Running Time0HR 52MINS
SeasonNI Science Festival

Hungarian idealists transform a long distance river race - where the only boats allowed are those made of trash - into an international environmental campaign in the inspirational Plastic Cup. Watch now for free on QFT Player (available Mon 15 - Sun 28 Feb).

Flowing through Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Serbia, the river Tisza is one of Europe’s most heavily polluted rivers. During annual floods thousands of plastic bottles, light bulbs, cans and barrels flow down the river, ending in Hungary where plastic mounds can reach several metres in height.

In 2013, a group of volunteers calling themselves the Plastic Pirates had an idea. Why not build plastic bottle boats from the garbage itself then get on board and collect as much plastic from the river as possible? The Plastic Cup was born - a fun, long-distance river race designed to pick up the trash and raise awareness on the issue.

Plastic Cup: The Official Story of The Plastic Pirates details how within five years the initiative had become a firm tradition and garnered international recognition.

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