BBFC RatingBFF '19: Dead Good + Panel Discussion

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DirectorRehana Rose
Running Time1HR 18MINS
Extra InfoPanel Discussion
SeasonBelfast Film Festival and Docs Ireland

An intimate portrait of those dealing with their dead, supported during the ritual of care after death by a team of women who are ‘giving death back to the people’.

Several people have died during the making of this documentary. In Brighton, UK, a small group of women have been changing the way people look after their dead. Supporting them during the ritual of care after death, and empowering them to create personal ceremonies reflecting the life that the deceased lived.

This relatively unknown work is part of an emerging movement that is changing the way death is approached in contemporary Britain.

There will be a panel discussion following the film featuring director Rehana Rose.

Belfast Film Festival films will not feature ads or trailers and will, therefore, start at the advertised time.