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CertificateNot Rated
GenreShorts, Documentary
Running Time1HR 55MINS
Extra InfoRec 15+
SeasonCinemagic 2023

Cinemagic presents the competition shortlist for documentary shorts. Join us as we celebrate the achievements of young people and meet the filmmaking stars of the future.

The Growth of the Woman’s Game (Dir: Ross Wilders)

Derry City footballer Louise Harkin talks about the positive strides being made in women’s football. We hear from those who have inspired her as an athlete and the young girls she has helped through work on and off the pitch.

Trans-Formation (Dir: Joel Gonzalez Prades)

A powerful documentary about a trans man and his secrets in life.

Spiked (Dir: Ruby Warren & Mariella Southern)

A short film which aims to spread awareness to the shockingly common occurrence of drink and needle spiking.

How to Build a Life (Dir: Matthew Reese)

Louis, a young man with Asperger’s, talks candidly with his older brother about the decade of bullying that nearly ended his life.   

Retro Revolution - The Game Isn’t Over (Dir: Kyle Adams)

After the golden days of arcades in the 1980s, the popularity of arcade games plummeted. Many of these games were thought to be obsolete and were discarded. However, in 2023 there are groups of people doing their bit to restore these classic games.

Keller (Dir: Jaydn Johnson)

An insight into the journey of a young footballer.  

Come and See My Etchings (and Other Bits) (Dir: Lucija Pigl)

Charlotte Jane Henry is a printmaker and painter from the Isle of Man. This is a film about her art, technique, and talent. It is also a film about family, and a film about life.

The Last Generation (Dir: Grace Alexander)

A short documentary that explores the ethical dilemma some people have when deciding whether to have children in the current climate crisis.

Firm It (Dir: Teni Gideon Ayankoya)

Exploring the hidden, deeper meaning of mental health struggles in young, black, African men.

Ursula (Dir: Caleb Jonathan Thompson)

A captivating, animated documentary chronicling the life of inspiring figure Ursula Dewhirst.

Death in a Digital Sense (Dir: Thomas Hogge)

Memories of a lost loved one in the post-internet age.

I’ll Keep Them Safe (Dir: Ava McDermott)

The tragedy behind a neglected neighbourhood is revealed through a dramatic and evocative soundscape.

Last Ticket to the Filmhouse (Dir: Paula Sosa Martín)

The future of Edinburgh’s only independent cultural cinema remains uncertain after its closure. This documentary hears from the patrons, workers and those who loved Filmhouse the most as they encourage the viewer to appreciate the cultural spaces we take for granted.

Stories About Peace (Dir: Ellie Mihaylova)

A personal journey of discovery of the past, present, and future. Emphasising the key components of stories and art.

Sacred Ground (Dir: Amy Lonergan)

Join Sean O’Connell, a renowned history lecturer, as he narrates an exploration of the Belfast student area, ‘The Holylands’.

Eden (Dir: Flynn Lumley)

A short contemporary documentary about the impact of conversion therapy on LGBTQ+ people living in the UK.

Every year Cinemagic receive hundreds of entries into CINEMAGIC YOUNG FILMMAKER from young people wishing to share their stories with a wider audience. In 2023 they received over 700 short film submissions from the next generation of young creatives, from throughout the UK and Ireland, and are delighted to share with you the competition shortlists.

Content warning: This package contains flashing images which may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.

Age Suitability: This shorts package has been given an age recommendation of 15+ due to adult themes and strong language.

Screening as part of the Cinemagic Film Festival. For more information about the festival visit

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