QFT Late: Fando and Lis

BBFC RatingQFT Late: Fando and Lis

Showing: 15 February 2020

QFT Late: Fando and Lis
GenreAdventure, Fantasy
DirectorAlejandro Jodorowsky
Running Time1HR 36MINS
Extra InfoSubtitled
SeasonQFT Late - Cult & Classic

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s (El Topo, The Holy Mountain) directorial debut, Fando and Lis, premiered at the 1968 Acapulco Film Festival where the audience erupted in riot. The movie was subsequently banned in Mexico.

The film tells the story of a young couple—Fando and Lis—who visit the city Tar. Since Lis cannot walk, Fando either carries her in his arms and or in a wagon that he pulls. They encounter a number of strange people and surreal situations on the way. 

Based loosely around a play written by Fernando Arrabal, who along with Roland Topor and Jodorowsky had founded the Panic Movement in Paris several years earlier, Fando and Lis bridged Jodorowsky’s work in the theatre with his developing interest in cinema. The film exemplifies the group’s interest in pushing the use of absurdism beyond the surreal in order to shock an audience into new perspectives on existence. 

Fando and Lis is presented here in a gorgeous 4K restoration. 

“An adorable, preposterous mutant film from the heyday of international do-your-own-thing moviemania.” – Michael Atkinson, Village Voice 

Also screening: Jodorowsky’s El Topo and The Holy Mountain.


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