Rear Window

BBFC RatingRear Window

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GenreMystery, Thriller
DirectorAlfred Hitchcock
Running Time1HR 54MINS
SeasonMain Programme

James Stewart spots something fishy going in the apartment across the courtyard, in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterly thriller.

Rear Window remains one of the master of suspense’s most famous and best-loved films. In his second of four collaborations with Hitchcock, James Stewart plays L.B. Jeffries, a professional photographer with his leg in plaster who takes to spying on a neighbouring block of flats from his apartment window. Noting the rituals and idiosyncrasies of a cross-section of New Yorkers as they go about their daily lives, he soon becomes convinced that one of them, Thorwald (Raymond Burr), has murdered his wife. 

Not just a smart and spellbinding suspense thriller, but also a wry comment on the voyeuristic pleasures of cinema itself, Rear Window is a multi-layered delight and a genuine masterpiece.