BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmTeknolust

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GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
DirectorLynn Hershman Leeson
CountryUSA, Germany, UK
Running Time1HR 25MINS

Made in 2002, the fifth decade of Lynn Hershman Leeson’s pioneering contribution to film and art, Teknolust was a pioneer in itself

It was the first film to be shot in 24p Hi-Def with HD graphic conversion. Long time collaborator of Hershman Leeson, Tilda Swinton stars in this film playing four of the main characters.

Swinton plays bio-geneticist and modern day Frankenstein ‘Rosetta Stone’, who creates three cyborgian clones: ‘Ruby’, ‘Olive’ and ‘Marine’, through a mixing of DNA and computer programming. Survival for the clones depends on injections of male Y chroma, only found in sperm which Ruby is tasked with collecting by seducing men in the ‘real world’ and collecting their semen. Ruby’s frequent dealings with the ‘real world’ causes her to experience unprogrammed emotions. This fusion of bio-technology, genetics and humour poses insights into a world where DNA and AI are growing closer together.

Join Dr Laura O’Connor for a short introduction to the film, on the wider work of Lynn Hershman Leeson and the notion of the feminist cyborg.

WANDA: Feminism & Moving Image returns for its second edition. Head to wandabelfast.com for more information.


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