Changes to our prices

31 December 2023

From 1 Jan 2024, we've increased some of our prices to meet rising costs. 

Changes to our prices

Why the price increase?

Like many businesses our costs have grown considerably over the last year, and it order to keep delivering the best cinema experience, we need to raise some of our ticket and membership prices to meet these raised costs. 

What are the increases?

We have maintained the same price for our Claimant ticket for those in receipt of means-tested benefits and have limited all other price increases to no more than 50p on standard tickets and £1 on premium tickets. We will also be increasing the price of QFT Membership. The new ticket prices are in effect from 1 Jan 2024 and are as follows:

Adult (Peak*) £8.90
Adult (Off-Peak*) £7.00
Senior (Peak) £7.50
Senior (Off-Peak) £6.00
Disabled £5.00
Claimant £4.50
QUB Staff £6.50
Student £5.00
Child £5.00
LUMI £5.00
Members' Monday £5.00
Family (Peak*) £23.00
Family (Off-Peak*) £20.00

Premium Tickets

Adult £12.00
Senior £10.00
Disabled £10.00
Claimant £10.00
QUB Staff £10.00
Student £10.00
Child £10.00
LUMI £5.00

QFT Members

Our membership price is going up from £42 per year to £50 per year. This will come into effect on Tue 16 Jan 2024. If you were thinking of upgrading or renewing it's time to do it!    

QFT Members continue to get £1 off whichever ticket applies to them.

These ticket prices will apply to all standard screenings from Mon 1 Jan 2024.

*Peak refers to screenings after 5:00pm and at weekends. Off-peak refers to weekday screenings before 5.00pm.

If you have any questions about these changes. Please get in touch on