04 February 2021

A new docuseries exploring some of the issues facing young people in Northern Ireland today.


Last year, before all the mayhem of a global pandemic, we began a new project by interviewing ten young people about life in Northern Ireland, and they had plenty to say. From these interviews we’ve created a 6-part docuseries offering a portrayal of the attitudes, reflections, passion and ambitions of a generation of young people born after 1998 - the Ceasefire Generation. And we're almost ready to share it.


“Do you think the young people have a voice here? No...not at all” Robbie, 23, Ballymena.

In a society where younger voices are so often dismissed when it comes to the issues that affect them directly, this docuseries gives us the opportunity to hear young people share their experiences and their hopes for Northern Ireland. Through these conversations, recurring themes emerged beyond the binaries of Green/Orange, allowing the Ceasefire Generation to voice their opinions on issues like mental health, discuss their aspirations and explore their different experiences of growing up in Northern Ireland.

"I think people think by moving on you're forgetting, but you’re not...but move forward slightly please." Megan, 17, East Belfast.

Each episode addresses a different issue affecting our Ceasefire Generation: cultural identity, the impact of The Troubles, the mental health crisis, what it’s like growing up LGBTQ, racism in multicultural NI and their hopes and dreams for their future.

Over the next week we’ll be sharing more information about our contributors on our Instagram account @LUMIatQFT and here on our blog.

The first episode of Ceasefire Generation will be released on Instagram at @LUMIatQFT on Thu 11th Feb 2021 and all episodes will be available to stream for free on QFT Player from Fri 26th Feb 2021.



Ceasefire Generation is produced by LUMI with funding from the Community Relations Council. Post-production by Outpost. 

Producer: Aaron Guthrie (LUMI)
Casting Researcher: Amy Esdale
Production Coordinator: Callum Harrison
Script Supervisor: James Hall
Editor: Robin Morgan
Editor: Benedict Goddard
Additional post-production direction: Ellen Reay (LUMI)
Production Assistant: Joseph Desmond Conlan
Cinematographer: Patrick Hughes
Second Unit Camera: Ellie McConnell
Lighting (Studio Hand): Paula Johnston
Lighting (Studio Hand): Glenn Gallagher
Sound Recordist: Callum Janes
Set Design Assistant: Liam O’Neill
Set Design Assistant: Senan O’Neill
BTS Stills: Chris McKenna
BTS Video: Nat Rowbotham
Catering: HOPE Cafe