LUMI Presents Film Feels Hopeful

20 July 2021

LUMI announces its participation in Film Feels Hopeful.

LUMI Presents Film Feels Hopeful

At LUMI, we understand the power of film and its unique ability to transport us, to illuminate ideas, and to spark a conversation. We’re the younger strand of QFT and we’re bringing the very best of independent cinema to everyone!

We’re very excited to announce our participation in Film Feels Hopeful, an up-beat, happy-go-lucky, make you wanna laugh, dance, and sing season of films that will make you smile after the year(s) of the big C. Why? Well, because we all deserve it.

We'll be showing four films throughout August, free to watch on QFT Player – join our watch party or catch up when you can! We’ll be getting together via Zoom to chat about the films as part of the LUMI Film Club. The best part? You’ll get the chance to work with the one and only #geekqueen Helen O‘Hara, Empire editor-at-large, to produce reviews for each of the four films, which will be published on the QFT website.

Interested? We’ll be announcing our programme soon so keep an eye on our social channels to get involved.

This season of screenings is part of Film Feels Hopeful, a UK-wide cinema season, supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network. Explore all films and events at

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