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QFT50 outreach project


To celebrate the milestone of becoming 50 this year, QFT worked with three over 60's community groups whose participants have shared their memories  of the films they have seen and experiences of cinema going they have had over the last 50 years.  The project participants created 6 trailers of their favourite films, along with a posters exhibition currently on display in QFT's foyer until 2nd July 2018.

Pictured below is one of their favourite films that was screened in May at QFT at the end of project showcase, Driving Miss Daisy, curated by the project participants. 

You can access the short films that were made during the project QFT50 project trailers May 2018 

Supported by the Arts Council NI Arts and Older People Programme.




Short documentary with interviews from people who love QFT, as it reaches the huge milestone of 50 years in October 2018, compiled by Film Studies at Queen’s student placement Andrew McNeill. Those interviewed include Michael Open the first Head of QFT (1968-2005), arts critic and broadcaster Mike Catto and Paul Milligan, former QFT projectionist.

TakeOver Film at Culture Night 2015

Take Over Film at Culture Night 2015 from TAKEOVER FILM on Vimeo.