Japan Foundation 2020

The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2020 - Happiness is a State of Mind: Joy and Despair in Japanese Cinema. Organised by the Japan Foundation with Major Support from Japan Airlines, Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, and Yakult, with Sponsorship in Kind from SUQQU, and in Cultural Partnership with Modern Culture.

Japan Foundation: Organ

Director Emiko Hiramatsu tells the heart-warming untold true story of a group of teachers who evacuated their infant students from a burning Tokyo at the end of WWII.
01 March 2020
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Japan Foundation: The Actor

Takuji Kameoka is a 37-year old veteran actor who’s never had a big break despite high praises from directors and fellow actors. Is he really just an unlucky but talented actor, or an accidental genius thespian?
08 March 2020
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Japan Foundation: Lying to Mom

The suicide of her son Koichi causes Yuko to fall into a short coma. After she regains consciousness, her family realises that Yuko has lost all memory of Koichi's death and starts pretending that he is still alive.
14 March 2020
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Japan Foundation: Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

Forget grades at Hyakkaou Private Academy, gambling is the only way to succeed.
15 March 2020
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Japan Foundation: Ride Your Wave

Ride Your Wave is the latest release from acclaimed director Masaaki Yuasa (Lu Over the Wall, The Tatami Galaxy).
21 March 2020
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Japan Foundation: Ten Dark Women

Progressive for the time of its production, this black comedy follows the undoing of a married TV producer and womaniser as the women in his life join forces in conspiring to kill him.
22 March 2020
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Japan Foundation: And Your Bird Can Sing

A wonderful coming-of-age story about three slackers in Hakodate, living a carefree life.
29 March 2020
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