The World of Wong Kar Wai

QFT presents The World of Wong Kar Wai – a retrospective of the Hong Kongese director screening as part of the Belfast International Arts Festival. Special thanks to Janus Films.

In the Mood for Love

Hong Kong, 1962: Chow Mo-wan (Tony Leung) and Su Li-zhen (Maggie Cheung) move into neighbouring apartments on the same day. Their encounters are formal and polite—until a discovery about their spouses creates an intimate bond between them.
25 October 2021 until 26 October 2021 , 27 October 2021
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Chungking Express

The whiplash, double-pronged Chungking Express is one of the defining works of 1990s cinema and the film that made Wong Kar Wai an instant icon.
26 October 2021
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Wong Kar Wai’s loose sequel to In the Mood for Love combines that film’s languorous air of romantic longing with a dizzying time-hopping structure and avant-sci-fi twist.
27 October 2021 , 28 October 2021
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The Grandmaster

Wong Kar Wai’s lavish martial arts biopic tells the story of Ip Man, the legendary trainer who became Bruce Lee’s mentor.
28 October 2021
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