Queer East: What Happened to the Wolf?

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BBFC RatingQueer East: What Happened to the Wolf?

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CertificateNot Rated
GenreDrama, Romance
Director(s)Na Gyi
Writer(s)Na Gyi
Running Time2HR 13MINS
Extra InfoEnglish subtitles
SeasonMain Programme

Two hospitalised women find solace in each other’s company as they contemplate their mortality.

Moe, who is terminally ill, conforms to strict social conventions and though outwardly calm, fears her impending death. Way, who has a heart defect, is rebellious and free-spirited, and shuts everyone off, wanting to die anonymously. Moe and Way find solace in each other’s company, and forming a close bond, begin to contemplate a journey to the fabled sea of clouds.

Portraying the subtle shifts in the women’s relationship over time, this kind of story is rare in a country in which queer narratives are suppressed. This deeply moving, troubling film is a testament to the creative conviction of its director and stars, who were targeted following the country’s military coup in 2021.

Queer East is a cross-disciplinary festival that showcases boundary-pushing queer cinema, moving image work and live arts from, and about, East and Southeast Asia and its diaspora communities.


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