Dementia Friendly: Pillow Talk

BBFC RatingDementia Friendly: Pillow Talk

Dementia Friendly: Pillow Talk
GenreComedy, Romance
DirectorMichael Gordon
Running Time1HR 42MINS
SeasonSupported Screenings

We pay tribute to the late, great Doris Day with a dementia friendly screening of a romantic comedy classic.

Considering their reputation as one of the screen's most memorable teams, you might guess Doris Day and Rock Hudson made at least a dozen movies together. In fact, they made only three, but what a trio it was. Pillow Talk, their first, essentially invented the "sex comedy" genre that would blossom in the early 1960s, those movies in which an attractive couple teases and torments each other but never gets passionate until wedding vows are exchanged. There were dozens of imitations of Pillow Talk, but none could compare to director Michael Gordon's irresistible original. 

Day plays Jan Morrow, a successful interior designer, who is forced to share her "party line" -- Manhattan had a shortage of phone lines in the days before area codes -- with songwriter Brad Allen (Hudson), a serial seducer who monopolises the phone. Sight unseen, Jan and Brad despise each other and each gets an earful of insults. The conversation becomes considerably friendlier when Brad creates a false identity and begins romancing the unwary Jan. 

As essential to its era as The Apartment and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Pillow Talk is pure delight. 

This is an inclusive screening experience for people living with dementia, their families and carers. QFT is committed to the Age-friendly Belfast Charter.


Older Than Ireland + Discussion

A special screening as part of Be More Connected - a day of action on loneliness in Belfast.

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