Walled Cities 5: Belfast Girls + discussion

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BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmWalled Cities 5: Belfast Girls + discussion

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CertificateNot Rated
Director(s)Malin Andersson
CountryFrance, Sweden
Running Time0HR 58MINS
Extra InfoScreening + panel discussion
SeasonWalled Cities 6

Screening as part of Walled Cities 5, Belfast Girls portrays two young women growing up close to Belfast’s ‘peace’ walls - cut off from their neighbours - sharing memories of a thirty-year-old conflict.

“This film [is] about Mairéad and Christine and their reality in Belfast years into the so-called peace process, on different sides of the division. Capturing moments of their life, as they get on with things in the shadows of the walls, and their unfolding stories of how they choose not to give in to the norm they are supposed to follow.” - Malin Andersson, Swedish director of Belfast Girls, June 2006

The screening will be followed by a discussion led by Dr Gul Kacmaz Erk, senior lecturer in Architecture at Queen's University, with guests Malin Andersson, director of Belfast Girls, and Clare Mulholland, Queen's Architecture.

This event is part of CACity presents: Walled Cities 5, a short film season exploring political conflict in divided communities and walled cities around the world. Presented by CACity (Cinema and Architecture in the City) Research Group (www.cacity.org) in collaboration with Queen's University Engaged Research Seed Fund and Nerve Centre in Derry/Londonderry.

This event will be followed by the opening of ‘buildingPEACE’ Exhibition of the Cinematic Architecture Studio in the QFT foyer. Find out more here.

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