Answers to some of your questions.

To change the birthday on your account please email us on qftmanager@qub.ac.uk. Birthdays can only be changed by admins to avoid misuse of the birthday benefit.

As a QFT Community, QFT Member or LUMI card holder you’ll be able to earn loyalty points on every £1 you spend at QFT (excluding alcohol). That can be on tickets, popcorn or the latest copy of Sight & Sound. These points can then be spent at QFT across all our products and services excluding alcohol. You cannot part pay with points. For more information please see our Membership Terms and Conditions here. 

Yes! Just log in here before booking your tickets. Our membership has changed slightly meaning now your discount is applied to whichever ticket you would normally purchase. This means if you’re eligible for a concession, you can now get your QFT Member discount applied a concession ticket.